Friday, May 25, 2012

Managing Chaos

Yesterday at work I was deep in thought, typing out a correspondence regarding a marketing campaign.  Out of the corner of my eye a flicker distracted my attention enough that I turned and saw a good friend, client, and business partner standing right next to me.  It is very rare that someone who is not one of our employees approaches me in the office area.

After the split second it took me to register his face, I mused on how reminiscent it was to when  B was in veterinary school and friends would just meander in and out of dorm rooms without knocking.  It was so comfortable, so easy,  just community.   Unfortunately, due to extraordinarily busy lives, we don't see him or his wife often enough, mostly on business related things.  He had come in to purchase some medications for his pets and we spent a few minutes catching up.

The last five years have been a challenge for many and we reflected together on the good and bad, how to cope, make it through, and do it with your sanity and some semblance of peace intact.  He then said something that put three short words to the flood of feelings that I have felt over the last five years.  Feelings that have built to a fevered pitch over the last 18 months.  He said, while laughing:  "All we can do is manage the chaos!"  Truer words have never been spoken.

Our world if full of unease.  Some chaos you have no control over, and some you can work at managing to make it more balanced.  B and I are beginning a new chapter that after many false starts, I think may actually take this time.  As we enter this memorial day weekend, the traditional start to summer and the growing season here in Wisconsin, we have cultivated and put all of our plants in the warm ground to grow and produce this years farm bags.  We are also looking to the longer brighter days of this new season to shed a fresh light on an aspect of our lives that has been wanting.  In the process we hope to recapture some of that ease of friendship (mentioned above) that has gotten lost in the chaos.

Today I'm leaving you with a little song, wishing you a warm holiday weekend full of hope for managing the chaos!

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