Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Newspaper Seed Pots- A Video Tutorial

Over the weekend we started making newspaper pots to start our seeds in.  Over the years we have tried lots of different options; from little peat pellets, to coconut husk pots, to soil in yogurt containers.  The thought of plopping them right in the ground has always appealed to us, but all of those means never seemed to effectively break down.  This year we think we have found a winner!  B saw some information on making this type of seed pot in Grit magazine.  I checked out YouTube for some ideas, then we took those ideas and tweaked them slightly and presto, we have seed pots!

 Here is our first video tutorial!

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  1. I just saw your comment over at Barbara's and immediately thought to myself "I haven't seen any feeds from Amy in ages" so I came over to see when your last post was and saw that you are still active. Well, somehow you dropped off my reader which I find happens now and then with different blogs. I have so many I just can't keep up with them all! So, I'm going to put you back on right now!

    This is a wonderful idea by the way and I'm going to share it with one of my sister-in-laws who will definitely appreciate it!



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