Monday, January 2, 2012

Savoring The Process

Today we are back to work, yet we are beginning the year with play. A new sense of energy to accomplish oh so many ideas, yet slowly.

 Savoring the process.

 We don't need to live life in fast forward.

This afternoon, the last free time before the kids go back to school, they each had a friend over and I was able to fill the house with the smells of comfort food, a roast with fresh garden veggies and some warm cookies. I love the holidays, but something about the beginning of the new year makes me want to get the Christmas decor all nestled away and treat the house as a clean slate, my first blank page for the year.

So that I did, and as a result, our dining room was transformed from entertaining center to....

The moment B walked in the door from work, Charles put a paddle in his about a ping pong tourney with dad on the Stickley dining room table?! Yes, what a way for some bonding time on a frigid evening of a new year, full of laughter.

Savoring the process.

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