Monday, January 23, 2012

Ingenuity At Work

Ingenuity During the first quarter, Sidney's class did a unit on advertising.  The big project to bring the unit to it's conclusion involved breaking into pairs, creating a product, making a mock up of it, developing a bill board and a video taped commercial, and then presenting it to the class.  She and her friend created duck tape dolls.  A complete series of boy and girl dolls each with accessories.  I was so impressed!

Since then, she has been duck-tape-creative crazy.  She has designed book marks, bracelets, purses, wallets, hair ties, and bow ties (shout out to her love for Dr. Who)....just to name a few.  They seem to have become popular items as I found out that she's selling them at school from anywhere from .25-.75 cents (.75 is for a braided bracelet.)  She came home irritated at the end of last week, because another group of girls was planning on making their own, and undercutting her on price.  On Saturday night I noticed that she had spent the evening, creating a menu of sorts with a swatch sheet of color choices, so that kids clients could place special orders.   Always thinking, my girl is coming up with value added ways to promote and offer her superior (totally prejudiced on this one) and well thought out product~ Ingenuity at work!

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