Thursday, January 12, 2012

From Short Sleeves to Snowplows

12:366 First Snow
Yesterday was fifty degrees and beautiful, as were many days in the past month.  Now that we are well into the "winter months"  today, right now, we are having our first snow.  It was funny, I racing around early to get errands done before the roads got slick.  I soon realized that many of the cars had transformed.  Pickups and Jeeps seemed to have gone from just another car driving, to one adorned with a plow, for the first time this season.  A friend posted on her facebook today:  "yesterday was motorcycles and convertibles, and today is snowplows."  A fitting description!

Snowy Barn
I may grow weary of the snow later on, but right now, it just feels right, and looks beautiful.  The grey world is slowly morphing into what will prove this weekend I'm sure, to be a winter wonderland for everyone.  The kids are itching to go sledding and I'd like to get the cross country skis out! :)

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  1. We get this kind of weather too, and although I think the sno looks pretty, the feeling only lasts til I've managed to get my camera out and take some shots of it :-)



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