Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today is January 31st and it seems this week has been about deadlines.  Those moments in time that either you thrive or fall apart.  I have always been a deadline person.  I loved things like research papers in college, and part of that love came from hours among the stacks (who does that now?) and the looming deadline.  Even as a high-schooler on the school paper, I turned in articles at the last minute, needing the deadline to create.   With a deadline intact, I could sit, block out the world around me, and write.

I began thinking about this yesterday.  As I contemplated the oh so often missed deadline that is rent from our tenant.  Then, the deadline we put on selling the other house...oh we can do two mortgages for a year or so.  Then, the 'or so' that has turned into five years with a now two-year old inconsistent tenant.  So yesterday, my internal deadline was reached.  We're going to re-list our "lake house" and be rid of it once and for all, no matter the hit....and I'm sure it will be substantial.  The deadline of my patience for a continued bleed of our finances has now passed and I am irritated that I didn't turn it in in time.

Sidney just experienced her first real deadline.  Her aunt Ayne got her a fantastic gift for Christmas.  A participation in The Sketchbook Project.  Sidney created an illustrated short story that will part of a permanent display at the Brooklyn Art Library.  The deadline for submission was today, and I was at the post office in person making sure the post mark on her hard and amazing work read correctly.  It will be scanned in and posted online in April as well!

Today is a deadline for our very busy free mop month for Norwex hostesses and I submitted last nights show just under that deadline.

In more business terms, today is the deadline for property taxes to be filed, W2's to be mailed, and any number of necessities for income taxes to be mailed here in the U.S. 

So as the sun recedes into this crazy amazing fifty degree horizon, yet another deadline is reached.  January has reached it's end and I managed to get everything accomplished on deadline.  How was your January?

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  1. my last fortnight has been just crazy with seemingly impossible deadlines. i think i was crazy to accept an additional job AND take up an online course both at the same time, while already trying to juggle work and family life. Hopefully, this will be a learning experience!



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