Monday, December 5, 2011

This Little Gentlemen

The last four days seem to have just flown by!  It was a cookie exchanging,  back to back Norwex partying, Christmas tree finding weekend!  We once again loved the fact that we have a truck when we could pick our Christmas tree, toss it in the back and head home. 

Early last week we asked a dear friend if she could contact her mom to let us into her father's antique store.  He passed away three years ago and since the store has been closed.  For years and years we had loved to peruse the store and over time had purchased a number of cherished items.  B always coveted a glass ornament and Christmas light collection and wanted so to make them part of our home.  Graciously they opened the doors to us and as a result, this year we have a vintage ornament tree, with all of the ornaments from his shop.  The one pictured above is our centerpiece and this little gentlemen we placed last.  I'm keeping the tags on all of these, because they are in my friend's father's hand.  This particular tag says Santa Ornament CZ 1850. 


  1. Oh, I love that little Santa, and not just because I adore vintage ornaments, but because of the story you shared about him. How sweet of her to let you have them - she must be confident you'll cherish them. I haven't even started decorating yet - yikes! That's when you know you're too busy...

  2. Hello from northern Wisconsin. I had heard a roaming gnome may be headed your way.
    So glad the path lead me to you.
    I remember this type of glass ornament.
    How wonderful to have friends as generous as yours.



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