Sunday, October 2, 2011

Raspberry Tip

Our berry patch has really started to do well.  We planted two kinds of raspberries, one of which is called everberring.  This variety produces fruit in the fall and on this seasons new growth.  We have spent much of the late summer noshing on fresh berries from the vine and are now bringing them in to preserve for winter treats, and with our new found fever for wine making, we are planning on a raspberry mead as well.

A great trick for preserving your raspberries beautifully is; after picking, lay them out on a cookie sheet and set them in the freezer.  I normally leave them overnight.  They freeze beautifully into little individual nuggets.  Then I  simply put them in a freezer bag, label them and they are ready when I am.  I have found that the thaw nicely as well, and though they need to be handled gently, they won't turn straight to mush when you thaw them.

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