Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Light Is Magic

Late Fall Light
We noticed at soccer this weekend that the sun at mid-day is significantly lower on the horizon. When it is not blotted out by clouds, it shines on our faces not on the tops of our heads. It now illuminates those trees that have yet to give up the fight, and bleaches out camera shots of end of season soccer games. Posession
Last night I was at a friends house and her husband called us outside. The sky was streaked with a deep burgundy, though suspicious, we weren't completely sure of what we were seeing. This morning it was confirmed. We glimpsed the Northern Lights. This photo of what we witnessed was in an ABC news article this morning and is not my own....must figure out how to take nighttime shots....but this is what we saw none the less.
The light is magic this time of year.


  1. How exciting! I just read an article on how to capture the Northern Lights. I think it was on Digital Photography.com. Good luck!



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