Saturday, October 22, 2011

Barn Life

 Yesterday evening as we were walking the property a mew came form the barn.  We saw a kitten, probably 5 months old bouncing back and forth between wanting attention and wanting to stay away.  We talked to her as she darted under the floorboards of the barn, but couldn't quite coax her out.  The kids went  to play with the two new hens we received Thursday night (yet another story), and also heard the kitten yowl, but couldn't get her out.

A few hours passed and late in the evening we heard a persistent mewing on our front porch (quite a distance from the barn and immediately after watching American Horror Story).  Guess who had followed?  Sid went out with food and hung out with a very friendly and obviously in heat kitten.  We told her that if she stuck around this feline would be a barn kitten wholly. Our house cat doesn't tolerate new housemates well.  In fact, once years ago, he "marked" my brother in laws suitcase as an intruder.  This concept accepted, Sidney headed to bed and I relived a moment of years ago... like letting a young baby cry themselves to sleep, I heard this little one outside the door, until she thought better of it and headed back for the comfort of the barn in the cold night.

Interesting, as news comes to us of the not so distant ending of a life, our beloved dog Puck, a new little one is seemingly thrust upon us.

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