Sunday, September 11, 2011

Whooo Are Youuuu?

 Over the last week the kids have been feeding a caterpillar that they found in the garden (yet another great use for a mason jar).  This morning I noticed that it had stopped eating and settled into a sleeping position.  I loved the way his stripes came together when he scrunched up.  As if he was asking the question Whooo (inhale hookah) Are Youuuu(as he exhales)? 
Then right before my eyes as I snapped some shots of the markings, the little guy began to shake and shimmy, and those beautiful markings began to shed, just like he was pushing up a sweater sleeve. 
Then he began to wriggle like mad, trying to get that old skin off. Those markings were so last season!
Finally, he assumed the position, all cocooned, which took all of two minutes.  Now he is (and we are) patiently waiting to find out who he is going to be.

1 comment:

  1. How exciting and what great timing! What a great experience for the kids. Can't wait to see who he becomes!!



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