Friday, September 23, 2011


The free form days of summer merged quietly into fall's more structured work/school/activity schedule.  Nestled into fall are freeing tasks, similar to spring, fall is a time of renewal.  A time to raise all of the windows in the house to accept cooling breezes, clean, sort-out and simplify spaces.  All of this is in anticipation of shorter, colder days that will, all to soon, drive activity indoors. 

As I fill my lungs with deep breaths of crisp air, I glance around the landscape that seems muted, like it's resting after the summer just preparing itself to burst into flames of color.  I have a distinct feeling of wonder in fall.   Working on our property, we are reaping rewards as we pick, distribute, consume and process the rich jars that will be put away for days to come, when fresh flavors will be even more appreciated.

Harvest and Thanksgiving truly take on a different meaning when you are so connected to the source of your food.  Did you know that the original Thanksgiving celebrations took place the last week in September, or at the latest, the first week in October when harvest was virtually finished?  It wasn't until Abraham Lincoln was president that the current holiday time was put in place. 

Just TingedThe Autumnal Equinox, which occurred at 4:04 this morning marks a true yin and yang of the year.  Today, the day and night are equal again.  The light of the growing season is fading slowly into the darkness of hibernation.  The world comes alive around us as every creature is preparing for the winter.  It is a busy time of clearing up and hurriedly completing tasks on our property not just for winter, but readying it for the season beyond, when the light returns.  It is a time for celebration and thanks,  for apple cider and pies,  for leaf collecting and jumping, for preparation.

Mabon, comes from Welsh lore.  It is also known as "harvest home."  The ritualistic process is lovely.  It encourages reflection, focusing on our connections to those around us and what our personal harvests have been.  It is peppered with families together telling stories of generations before, collecting and decorating with fall beauty, and consuming the seasonal sweets that have been provided by nature, namely apples.  This special time of year, and the thoughts behind Mabon, do perfectly capture the overwhelming love I have for this season and I am thankful.

Happy Weekend & Happy Mabon!

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