Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Look At Me....

 ....I'm one of your secrets.   One Word Wednesday has evolved into the fantastic idea "where one prompt produces free flowing expression from blog to blog!"   Please join us!   This weeks inspiration is this video.

Jillsy also gave a link to another version of the video featuring Heidi Klum.  When I watch the first one, the feelings that I had, were tender.  It's a beautiful piece.  When I watched the second, it perfectly matched how the first made me feel.  I guess it shows what a beautiful artist Seal is, in his ability to sing with such emotion.  He elicited the very personal feeling of tenderness that I feel for my husband.  I love the thought that we are each others secrets, ones that we will keep for our lifetime.   


  1. I feel the same way and I realize how lucky I am (and you are, too) to be able to know that kind of love! I ended up going a different direction with this - I admit I didn't get a chance to watch the second video until tonight, or I might have done something different :)

  2. you are indeed blessed to have experienced that kind of love.

  3. I loved the first video when I saw it, but when I saw the second it reflected the words in the song much better. Unfortunately, I didn't find that second version until I had already finished my post. I am also glad I feel the same way about my hubby as you. I couldn't have a better friend and I guess when I think about it we are each other's secrets which is a beautiful way of looking at love.



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