Monday, January 17, 2011

Done Baby!

 All it took was a snowy afternoon and my first quilt of 2011 is complete!  I went with the fleece back and a wider binding and am happy with the results.  I have a little fine tuning to do the next time I work with fleece, but overall I'm happy with it!  Now....what to do next?


  1. Love the colors in your quilt constrasting to the winter scene outside...makes you think of a warm fire and home.

  2. It's gorgeous! Hope it brings you many a cozy nights :)

  3. love the colors--I so miss quilting--enjoy the cozy new blankie!!

  4. really love this... and loving the idea of a fleece backing. I'm becoming more and more inspired to start quilting. Havent made one since my purist youth, when I insisted every stitch had to be done by hand (that's why I only ever made a knee blanket. for a midget)



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