Monday, June 21, 2010

We're Off!!

 Today we did it!  We put together our first farm boxes.  Oh, the aspirations I had.  I set aside these cute little baskets to put the produce in.  Funny how vision and reality sometimes work against one another, the baskets were WAY too small for today's bulky goods!  Since it's very early in our growing season, we sent out a bounty of greens:  lettuce's, mustard's and arugula.  We wanted to protect them, so we used green bags, which work beautifully, but don't have a much of a wow factor in the looks department.  Luckily, I found a few boxes, since my baskets didn't work, but they were a little too big.  Ah, best laid plans...  In order to spruce them up I added bundles of chives, flowery sprigs of cilantro and a little bundle of daisies. 

There was also a bit of urgency we felt.  It was so hot and muggy outside today.  So we're trying to very quickly pick, rinse, package and place in boxes before things start to look stressed or wilty.  Whew!  Fortunately, what we did today we learned a lot from and should only experience this kind of urgency when dealing with these delicate greens. 

I can't wait for the future baskets full of beautiful, colorful, and some exotic looking produce!  I think I'll see if I can search out produce boxes from grocery stores to add to the look of it :)  I'm also brimming with ideas of little add-ons, recipes, helpful hints.  I could go on and on!  A word of thanks to my farm box 2010 guinea pigs, we're off!

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