Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Things Kids Say

The clarity is pretty good considering I took this with my iPhone.  The kid in the white t-shirt, orange shorts and ball is Charlie and the one running toward the camera is his good buddy J.

Wow, yesterday was crazy!  After I finished up work and picked up the kids at Camp Invention, we headed to the library and then Charlie's swim lesson.  We've been crazy this  week with storms and last night was only a slight exception.  No rain, but wind and lots of dramatic clouds and lightning over the lake.  We witnessed it first hand as we had a sand volleyball match with our adult summer league (by the way we were a much better group at kickball and dodge ball, hmmmm).  The kids ran on the beach for about 45 minutes and then when the match was over we all headed down to the water to chat, have a beer and watch the kids as they ran fully clothed (impromptu decision) into the lake to splash and have great fun.  When we made it back up to the car Charlie was beaming and as he got in he said:

"I've never felt so alive!" and then he repeated it for emphasis with a huge belly laugh.  His pure excitement was infectious.

Where did this come from?  I can't imagine where he'd heard the phrase before and I think he just truly was taken by the moment and the day as a whole.

We had a repeat performance this morning when he groggily came downstairs and I asked him what he wanted for breakfast, he said:

"I wanna cup of coffee!"  I said, why do you want coffee?  To which he very seriously replied, "because I'm tired."

OK, I know where he got that one.  The things kids say!

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