Sunday, June 27, 2010

Quilt Along---Week 1

This week was Week 1 on Amy's quilt along.  I was really excited to get started and have learned so much in this first task!  I am completely new to quilting and have been sewing for about a year now.  The squaring fabric tips and using spray starch  were both amazing tips for this excited novice!  Now that I've gotten some of these basics under my belt, A  good friend of mine is coming over this afternoon so that I can show her what to do.  B is always under the philosophy:  see one, do one, teach one.  So in that spirit, that is what I'm going to do and it should reinforce and hone my budding skills as I do.

 Classic Four Patch
Only had one do over here, for some reason I was 1/4" off when I originally cut the gold squares so I had to re-do them, but not bad for a first go.

16 Patch
I held my breath with this one, the biggest anxiety was that it would end up being a completely different size than the first.  Fortunately it came out perfectly matched.  :)

Looking forward to next weeks!


  1. They look great. You are a natural!

  2. your blocks are awesome, great job!!

  3. Your blocks look so good. Great job, especially for a first time quilter.

  4. They look great! Teaching a friend will definitely make you think everything through again - Have fun!!

  5. I love the block made with the Hope Valley fabrics. Nice work!

  6. LOVE those stripes!! You did a great job, have fun!




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