Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cold Irony

We have been really enjoying our time in California.  The week has been full of equal parts hustle/bustle and relaxation, and as always gone much too fast.

Many times over the years we visited the beach, but the kids never really went into the water.  This trip, it seems, ocean was priority number one.  I can see the little pre-teen emerging from my daughter in her vision of the perfect beach day.  She insisted on packing her own beach bag.  When we got there, post delicious sushi feed, she marched straight to a spot and neatly laid out her towel and set herself up.  Then off to play, on what were very mild waves. 

B and I were perfectly comfortable watching from the shoreline.  You see, we like warm water.  The pool is almost always 86-90 here.  Though you might think that is an unrealistic expectation of nature, when we go to Beaver Lake in Arkansas, the water is much the same. 

So for all of the well deserved ribbing I give my CA family who need a sweater at 60 degrees and are abashed that we are in shorts and t-shirts, my dad got right in the frigid ocean with the kids and actually said it was warm!  Now how's that for some cold irony!

Doesn't this also strike you as ironic?  The lifeguard sweeping his station??

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