Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Suddenly Summer

Our weekend was beautiful.  Sunday hit close to ninety degrees at our house, and it is going to be warm all week!  The air has the mugginess of late summer, and even though this quick change is a shock to the system, feeling the hot sun reflecting against a crystal clear sky is good for the soul.  It's early in the season to see these temperatures, but I won't complain, our growing season has just gotten ever so slightly longer!  Hopefully the chill will stay away.  This warm snap has made many items in the garden ecstatic! Just look what we have here.....
The peas have doubled in size and been mulched in & our Swiss Chard is just poking it's head up in between the rows.

 The potatoes are emerging and our experiment is working!  These are our own seed potatoes from last season, and were covered in mulch and straw rather than buried  in hills.  Can't wait to pick them!  I hope it's as easy as the research says with this method.
Lookie at the beans!  They're all coming up and doubling in size from day to day (they just poked through yesterday!  Green Beans and Red Beans are flourishing.  The Soy beans are a bit shy, but still coming up.
 The tomatillo's are actually getting blooms!

Everything is getting so big, we're finalizing trellis work and giving all of the beds a heavy mulch treatment to deter weeds.  This will also add to the no till environment we're creating for the future.  Memorial Day weekend is approaching.  This is truly the marker of safe planting here in Wisconsin (we always tend to get a head start for the good or bad of it :-).  Happy Planting!

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