Monday, May 24, 2010

One Moment in Time

Friday was the First Grade Musical. It was entitled "Through the Pages" and each of the four classes took on one story.  When each class was doing their section, the remaining three classes are in the chorus.  This is quite an event every year and my second experience at it.  Charlies class did Wizard of Oz/Wicked.  They decided to end their Oz sketch with the closing song from Wicked to highlight that the Wicked Witch of the West wasn't really bad, just misunderstood.  It dovetailed in nicely with their IB principles and pacified the girls in the class who were assigned the witch role, instead of Dorothy or Glenda.

In my desire to learn to sew, I figured, why not volunteer to be one of the sewing moms for the musical?  That will force me into a deadline situation and I'll have to get it done.  Typically each class has one boy and one girl costume/character that all of the boys/girls represent.  Ironically, in my inaugural sewing quest, Charlies teacher decided to split up his class into Scarecrow, Tin man, Lion for the boys, and Dorothy, Glenda, and The Wicked Witch for the girls.  So the wonderful head sewing mom, Barb, took me under her wing and I took on most of the boys costumes.  I began my journey with pants, scarecrow pants to be exact.  I sewed three of them and then graduated to lion costumes.  This was exciting for me, not only did I get to reinforce my pant making skills, I had to incorporate tails into them too.  I also learned to make my first shirts with the lions.  I'm now able to add elastic to sleeves and waistbands.  I know this is crazy, but it truly excited me, these little baby step accomplishments.  Finally I did the Tin Men costumes.  Once again shirts and pants, but this time I learned how to sew in collars, and how to attach joints!  Ah, the little victories. 

All of the costumes turned out great!  Several moms put in tons of hours of work into making and adorning, the costumes and accessories.  Check out the manes on the lions, they were hand crocheted! I'm thankful for the experience and am happy to have worked along with such dedicated moms on this project.

As for the stars, our kids, I'm so proud of them.  They enthusiastically performed two performances Friday.  A Matinee that was seen by the 525 person student body, and then another 600 or so friends and family who viewed the evening show.  It is quite a production and the line up for seats begins anywhere from 1-2 hours prior to the performance, depending on the year.  It gives you the impression you're lining up for concert tickets, such an energetic feeling!  The 2010 first grade class definitely made the most of their "One Moment in Time!"

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