Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend Seven Years Ago

 Seven years ago today, my little Mother's Day present was born.  Truly from the moment of his birth, Charles was a little ball of testosterone energy.  He is constantly moveing, thinking, figuring out, and has always had an innate ability to take things apart and put them back together if for no other reason, than just to see if he could do it.

He had a very busy day, beginning with pancakes and then a boy scout field trip to the Racine Heritage Museum. No sooner than he got home from that, we headed out to soccer (there was a very short break when he went outside to find the perfect rock to sharpen the arrowhead he came home with.  "Just like the Native Americans did, do you think I could catch fish with it when I rope my stick to it?"---you see busy).  His coach made a reference to all of the parents looking like they were at a Packer game.  You see all of the winter clothing that I'd washed and put in the attic last week, came out today for the game.  It was 40 degrees with a driving wind and drizzle.  We're going to freeze tonight too...hello May! 
When we came home from soccer, dad was beginning to assemble his main gift on the driveway.  That then became a father son activity to complete.  I think he's pretty happy with it.  His dinner request was butter noodles, shrimp and asparagus.  Then he wanted my grandma's cardamom cake but with a twist,  he wanted banana frosting.  I cringed at this a bit, I'm not a big banana fan, but it's his birthday and he gets what he wants.  So I whipped up a banana butter cream frosting and it was to die for!  I guess any flavor is impeccable if it's included with the words butter cream!
To my little man with a huge personality, giant heart and a face for every occasion, Happy Birthday!

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