Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

It has truly felt like spring this weekend.  The weather has been beautiful and we've actually had some sunshine today!  Between Charlies birthday party last night, our Survivor finale bash this evening, and with the anticipation of company this week I've been madly doing some spring cleaning to prepare for guests.  Also, after the last weeks push on the garden, we have virtually everything in the ground, most of the trelis' complete, and have fully finished 12- 6'x18' raised beds. These beds take up just over half of the garden space and are much more efficient, giving us more garden area than we used all of last year.  You can check out the 2010 Garden Plan in the sidebar to see the details of everything we've planted. 

I'm enjoying a lovely view of filtered sunlight this afternoon from the couch with an ice pack. It seems my back is well on it's way to being out.  I can pinpoint nothing that I've done to trigger it.  What a frustration! .  So I will sit here with the kids, relish an episode of The Walton's and relax for a while.  I catch glimpses of B mowing, ear buds in and a beer in one hand, true relaxation.  Nice now to be lazing on a Sunday afternoon.

**Hopefully some of the next garden shots will show lots of growth and sprouted seedlings :)

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