Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Ant and the Peony

 I must start this post with the acknowledgement, that my dear B gave me the idea of how to utilize this photo in a blog post, Love you hun ;-)

What a lovely and symbiotic relationship between the little ant and the peony.  I love our peonies.  We have several bushes, and as you can see they're getting ready to bloom.  The peony prepares its bud to bloom by becoming covered in a sweet nectar.  Interestingly, this attracts and is food for the ants, who have a feast and over a little time help the giant double blooms unfold.  They help one another just by existing and going about their own business.  Yet, neither of them knows how they effect the other.  Hmmm, it makes you ponder to what extent all of our little actions affect the world around us.  

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