Friday, April 2, 2010


The wind is so amazing this afternoon.  I stand at my kitchen window and need to lean against it to stay upright.  I close my eyes and remember a distant lifetime ago when I stood at the Ring of Kerry in Ireland with this group of people in a beat up van called Big Bag of Sticks.  We saw each other on this two lane road, all stopped and stood up on the stacked stone wall and leaned over this cliff into the wind.  What an amazing moment.

Wind is such a phenomenal thing to me.  You can't see it, just feel and hear it as it ravages the trees.  How powerful it is.  In a moment it can snap a large tree in two.  I am mesmerized to watch it.  I love to watch a good spring storm roll in.  What is it that makes it so powerful?  The lightning and thunder add spectacle, but it's the wind that suddenly changes direction and whips up to announce it's arrival.   From the front porch on a warm evening, or from the 'buddy chair' by the living room window when it's cold, I can sit, listen and watch for hours. 

What amazing energy nature has.  It is just there, commanding respect of it's power.  Observing it, empowers us to think.  Sidney just finished her energy position paper for school.  She chose wind energy.  I look forward to the day we can put a windmill on our little homestead so that we can harness a little bit of the wind's majesty.
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  1. It's no wonder the Greek (pneuma) and Hebrew (ruach) words for "spirit" are the same word as "breath" and "wind." One can't help but be swept up (literally) in the wonder.

    Love the pictures! Reminds me of my own trip to Ireland in the summer of 1999. It was the only wind experience that compared to my summers in Oklahoma.

  2. All elements of nature fascinate me.

    I love the wind, especially when it's delivering my prayers throughout the world.

    Happy Day!



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