Friday, April 23, 2010

What you can get done when rain's coming....

 Check out this gooseberry plant!

Nothing lights a fire under farm projects more than a weekend forecast of rain.  Our weekends are always productive at getting through our long list of Spring to do's, but some days, things just click.  B and I can get ridiculous amounts of things done and end the day tired, but feeling relaxed and accomplished.  These days seem to be days when the kids are at school.  Hmm... I wonder if there's a connection? 

We started early, and once we dropped the kids at school, ran by the old house to dig up the beautiful berries that we planted four years ago, that are all but taking over the South side of the yard.  No, I don't feel guilty about this.  For the record, the house is still ours and since it's been on the market for the last three years and we still pay for it and take care of it, then we will divide and transplant landscape we like if we want, so there!   The gooseberries and boysenberries will be a fantastic addition to our newly installed berry section of the yard. 

This leads us to the next task.  All of that sod that we pulled out to create the above berry paradise needed to be moved, preferably before a weekend full of rain.  What does one do with extraordinary amounts of rolled grass and dirt??  Well, when you're thinking of this grand adventure and creating the perfect little homestead, what homestead would be complete without it's own mini sledding  hill??  So, we are layering the levels of sod and will make a nice picnic spot in the summer and a place for a bit of winter fun.  We got half of it moved today which was quite an accomplishment, believe me!

If this wasn't enough, we had a rare spring day with minimal wind so we dragged out and burned all of the brush left from B's winter overgrowth clean out of the wooded area on the West side of the property (by aforementioned newly forming sledding hill).  As we took a break from that we moved ten or so bales of hay away from the cold frames toward the garden and covered them before they get saturated.  We picked up a few things and are now hunkered down and ready for rain.

Oh and by the way, in between all of this, I had an hour long sewing lesson and can now officially attach collars and do waistbands so I can finish the final touches on musical costumes.  Thanks Barb!

Now I'm off to sip a glass of vino and relish in the day.  What a great weekend start!  Don't worry, the rain won't stop us from doing a few things.  But I've got bigger plans on tap.  Preparing to be invaded by four 9 year olds for a birthday slumber party tomorrow.  Oohhh maybe we'll have some thunder tomorrow night! Fun!

Happy Friday!

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