Wednesday, April 7, 2010


 Today was the day.  I hauled myself up to the attic to begin the great sort of kids toys. This wasn't the first time, but maybe the most monumental.  I've weeded down before, and always kept the best and most used, but now my babies are big kids and so much of it is just taking up space.  It was quite a trip down memory lane, and I realized as I went hunting for these pictures, that some of the best items we've had for a V e r y long time! 

I think that one of the most valuable items that I'm retiring is the dress-up box stuff.  This box (with it's matching plastic shoes), has served it's purpose ten-fold.  My kids and all of their friends have utilized these clothes for six, yes I said six years!  Now when Sid does dress up, she and her friends parade around the house in a variety of her 'real' dresses. 

The other items I weeded through were the litany of learning games, flash cards, and things like lacing cards.  These all held hours of fun, but have been outgrown.  Now of course as I carted all of this down the three flights of stairs, the kids are flabbergasted that I would be passing this stuff on.  The exchange went something like this "Charlie, you haven't even looked at these games in two years." to which he said "but I used to like them!"  We've made peace now.  I explained as he's moved onto Monopoly, Uno and Wii, someone else might like these other games just as much as he 'used to'.   Thankfully, it wasn't too much of a fight.

So the attic is clean and ready for the tweenie items to be moved up to accompany those I deemed the current 'best and most used'.  I've got some toys  ready for re-play bagged up for those interested :)


  1. oooh! me! me! Lacing cards Lina would love - and the dress up clothes you have passed down have been well loved - if you have anything in her current size, I'm sure she would love that too. You pass some younger kid toys on to me and I'll pass some of our baby toys on too - as I am getting ready to pass my little guy stuff on. :)

  2. I've got stuff set aside for you to look through. Some of the dress up stuff is so trashed I'm dumping it, but I do have a bag of the more costumey stuff that you're welcome to. I also found the matching gloves to the tinkerbell costume. Lina has that one doesn't she??

  3. I'll take anything Karri passes up:)

  4. Krys, I'm sure there's a few things Henrik would have fun with! :)



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