Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pictorial Garden Summary

It has been a really busy week in the garden.  You may have noticed if you've looked at the listing in my 2010 Garden plan it has grown exponentially this week.  Here are a few photos of the progress!

 We started about 75 veggie plants from seed, they're incubating nicely

 Plants in the cold frame seemed to take off, some of our lettuces and radishes have popped up
6 raised beds are done, 6 more started, and peas planted in the two closest
On Friday we received our berries and lavender, a few of the lavender plants are here
Rented a sod cutter and cut 4 berry beds next to the barn, these are three of them
This particular bed has the three cherry bushes and a row of blackberry canes behind

 All in all a successful week of garden prep and starts.  Next up is to rent a post hole digger and set the stakes for the picket fence around the asparagus.  We're also going to pre-cut the holes for the split rail fencing that will make up the trellising for the berries, and dig the holes so that we can move the laundry line closer to the house.  Just a little light work on the to do list! :)

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