Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Digs For Stretching Wings

 B's big winter project was to build a chicken tractor for the ladies.  He wanted to build it to size so that it could just be placed over one of the raised garden beds for them to cultivate it.  The only items purchased for this venture were two wheels and some hardware.   The rest of the wood is all salvaged from the barn, a friend, and around the property.  Great old louvered shutters make a door that's self ventilated, and old brass furnace vents from one of the house remodels allows for cross ventilation.  Nothing is too ornate for these girls :) 
Today was the day, and B made the big push to finish the roof and relocate the adults.  The babies, are in their awkward teenage years by looks right now, and will join them by fall.  They'll transition first to the hen house and run adjacent to the grainery.  These ladies will not only be our wonderful egg producers for us and our farm baskets, but they'll also earn their keep by their unique abilities to create new fertile ground for our every expanding garden.  This was an epic project, which B did virtually on his own, and is a huge check off of the to do list!  Congrats Love!


  1. It's beautiful!! Brian, you did excellent work. I can't wait to "see it in action" for myself.




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