Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mad Women

Thanks to Daniela for my new headband, I love it...I antiqued the photo a bit! :)

Over the Holiday's last year there was a post on facebook from a friend about how much they loved Julie & Julia.  From that a couple of us posted back how much we wanted to tackle some of Julia's cooking, right by the book, as it's written.  From that, a small gormet club was born.  We're meeting every 6 weeks or so, choosing a different chef and cooking their dishes (by the book) and enjoying lots of good food, wine and company.  A little novelty has entered the arena, as we tend to dress a bit the part of the chef (you know something that is a signature of them).  So far we've done pearls for Julia and low cut tops with push-up bras for Giada Delaurentis.

This afternoon we had our brief pre-dinner meeting to hash out the menu.  The men were a bit jealous that they couldn't attend, but they were working and the kids are on spring break so a lunch meeting wouldn't cut it this time.  So the kids all played and we, the moms, sat down in the middle of the afternoon with a glass of wine, a cookbook and planned.  I don't often drink this early in the day, even if I'm on vacation.  In my head I completely pictured a scene from Mad Men as we booted the kids to play and commenced in our conversation. 

I'm looking forward to this month's installment.   We're the host house this time and I chose Jamie Oliver as the chef du jour.  I love his garden fresh cooking style and it fits in nicely as his food revolution,  has just premiered here.  We normally choose 5-6 dishes and one or two of them are cooked on-site as a group. The kids play and watch a movie and we play foodie in the kitchen.  As to the signature attire?  I don't think anything formal this time, maybe jeans, flip flops and a zip up hoodie will do.


  1. You know Jamie is also known as the "Naked Chef" - I think that might take the club into a tailspin of regrets though :)

    Ha! I was thinking that today and forgot to bring it up.

  2. I was thinking naked too. If that's out, flip flops will do....


  3. I'll be quite interested to see the Hemmig's attire or lack there of!

  4. What a fun idea. I love it. And your self-portrait is spectacular!



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