Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

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Interesting thoughts. "We have allowed ourselves to become so disconnected and ignorant about something that is so intimate as the food we eat."  (Food Inc.)  There are so many things that we strive for as we work toward teaching our children about living in a thoughtful way toward our world.  On this earth day, my head has been swimming with all of the things that we have consciously been working on to be kinder to the earth, and live a simpler and fulfilled lifestyle. 

The food we consume is so important.  I find myself in a constant state of awe at the complexity of it all.  Or is it?  What are good choices, what are bad?  When I was growing up fast food was a once in a great while treat and soda was unheard of in my household.  One of the things that I'm increasingly seeing is that the processed and fast foods have become so cheap that the basic healthy foods can't compete for many a busy family on a tight budget.  What does that say about us as a people?  Good food is a luxury?  Mass production has been a huge convenience and for some an impressive money maker, but what are the consequences?  What are the costs associated with low cost foods?  Out of control use of antibiotics and hormones are having lasting effects on our children.

 Ultimately what's good for us, good for our kids, good for our earth, and humane should be the focus.  Progress and technology have been wonderful and profound things.  I utilize them everyday.  But progress out of control will have long lasting effects.  Obesity and type II diabetes are becoming more and more common in our children.  Don't you think a way to reconcile this would be to create a healthy lifestyle/environment that fosters longevity, and not ingrain immediate gratification?  This is a difficult and overwhelming thing to think about.  For now, research where your food comes from and how it's made, grow a little, and make informed decisions that best suit your family.  There are easy, cost effective, healthy and sustainable baby steps that everyone can take so that we can take control of our food system and what we put in our families bodies.

Earth Day is every day.

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