Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cabinet History and the Surprise Treasure

When we moved to Wisconsin now almost nine years ago, packing with a six week old baby and the long drive was epic!  We have a wonderful pine hutch that we'd gotten while we lived in Vegas and had served for many years as our TV cabinet.  When we first got here, the house we lived in had a built in cabinet, and then our in first home, the piece was too big so it was put upstairs in a spare room and was used for photo album storage.  Now that we've settled on the homestead, we moved it last summer to the back side of our wrap around porch to use as a potting shed.

Yesterday we noticed that it looked like some mice had gotten into the birdseed being stored in the hutch.  So we opened the large heavy bottom drawer and found two old big throw pillows in it.  Gosh I hadn't seen these since we left Vegas!  So we pulled them out looking for a little mouse nest (there was none).  Guess what we found?  This stained glass that B's grandpa Ray had made and we had placed in here for very safe cross country transport.  It was so lovingly packed that in the midst of moving, taking the business over and working 80 hours a week, and living out of boxes for the first nine months, then moving again into the "lake house",  it was oh so carefully packed away and set up so that we could find it now, nine years later.  What a happy memory and a surprise treasure.  It's now hanging in the living room window.

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  1. Now THAT is awesome!
    A treasure, indeed.

    one love.



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