Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Signs of Life

lilac bloom readying
Spring is trying to emerge.  The kids were out playing and I began to walk around and assess.  How I relished the squish, squish, squish beneath my shoes.  The snow has almost melted and what remains, in contrast with the 50 degree afternoon and approaching rain, is now almost steaming as it creates a thickening fog.  Where the snow has receded, I can see that the oregano and chamomile seem to be well on their way.  The black eyed susans have sprouted with a green carpet and I see the starts of the day lillies poking through.  I don't see any signs of tender asparagus stalks or rhubarb yet, but I know they'll be here shortly.

Now as we ready for a few days of steady rain, I'm ready for the season that I lovingly call mud.  I look forward to all of the colors that will soon emerge and liven our landscape.

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