Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Chick

March has treated us pretty well.  With the exception of one heavy snow, the weather was pretty mild.  Today it really feels like spring.  It's wonderfully warm **swoon**  and feels like porch sitting weather.

 On this final day of march we are very Chicken centric.  Cinnamon thought she'd play an early April fools joke on us and laid a shell-less egg!  Quite a sight, very much like a mini-water balloon!  Very fitting that we had this start to the day as it is chick day.  I picked up our supply of little ladies this morning, got them situated and have left them be.  Sidney insists on being the first one to spend time with them so they know who their mama is! :)
One Crazy Shell-less egg!
It's such a great feeling to hear those little peeps wafting up from the basement.  This is the first year the chicks have come before Easter, what a great treat to get them this week!


  1. they're so cute!! i can't wait to have chickens!! it won't be long!!!

    and how cool is that shell-less egg? any idea why that happened?

  2. Julie, We're so excited! I can't wait to hear about your adventure as you move!

    I'm not sure if the egg was a fluke or if she needed more calcium since her recent molt. So we added some extra oyster shell to their hen house & we'll see :)



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