Friday, March 5, 2010

The Gathering Place

I bought this plaque at Irishfest a few years ago, it's hand cast using the bottom of a cauldron from County Clare

I love my kitchen.  It is my favorite room in the house.  I don't know if it's just me, but no matter where we are, people just migrate to the kitchen.  Whether it be with family or friends, that is the place to be.

  I began thinking about this again this morning after reflecting on last night.  We have a group of 4 couples that have met to watch Survivor weekly for the last 6 years.  It doesn't matter whose house we're meeting at on a given week, the first hour or so is everyone standing in the kitchen, drinking a glass of wine or beer, and chatting like eager kids on the playground.

Honestly, I think that time is the most enjoyable time of the gathering.  It's the truest time.  It feels innate like we just know instinctively that this is the gathering place.  It conjurs pictures in my head of clans huddled around the fire to communicate.   No, I'm not comparing us to neanderthals, just drawing a comparison of how important and comfortable this time is, and how if feels simply like a natural component of our social interactions.  I guess you can further prove that by the layout of most bars.  Galley shaped with a kitchen counter, though I must say that I prefer my hearth and those of my nearest and dearest.

So as we enter the weekend  I wish you the joy of dear friends and family and some time spent at the gathering place.  A Hundred Thousand Welcomes my friends.

**as I went to right this I was amazed at how few photos I have of this phenomena, I'll have to remedy that in future :)

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