Sunday, March 28, 2010

Garden Raising

It has been an amazingly beautiful day.  Even though the wind is whipping like wild, it was just what we needed to be invigorated.  Spending the day doing garden prep has given us a wonderful dose of vitamin D and allowed for the kids to run like mad.  There has been no shortage of running this weekend.  Non-stop play-dates for the kids have also contributed to the liveliness of the spirit.

We decided to re-define the walkways and  till the garden beds.  It then turned into let's clean up the walkways, re-align and raise the beds and compost all of the old beaten down straw from the old walkways.  It's looking amazingly good and 4 of the 6 beds that we will officially raised this year are complete.  In the rest of the garden we will finish the re-aligning part, then plant. We can continue to raise some more in the fall and next spring. This way the accomplishment is there and we can now devote our efforts to some of the other twenty or thirty things on our spring list. 

After a long day and tired muscles we sat on the porch in the sunshine, and just listened to the wind in the trees.  It was like a dramatic percussion show.  Ironically the perfect day for Sidney to be writing her Energy Position Paper for school.  She chose wind.

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  1. greetings and congrats.

    just letting you know that you were randomly selected to receive the prayer flag. please email me your mailing address (

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