Monday, March 1, 2010

Empty Bowls

Today marks the tenth year that our town has participated in an event called Empty Bowls.  It's a grassroots effort to help end hunger.  People in the community go to our local pottery store and make bowls that are donated for this fundraiser.  Others donate their wonderful homemade soups.  Then the doors are open throughout the day for anyone and everyone to drop in, buy a bowl and eat as much soup as you can hold.  The event has grown substantially since the first year I went and there's loads of beautiful pottery on raffle and music performed by talented young people to serenade us.  All of the proceeds go to our local food pantry.

Sidney looks forward to this event every year and couldn't wait for today.  You see, the last time we went, she dropped her bowl on the way out, and let me tell you that was a tragic thing!  This evening we made up for that.  There's no better way to start the new month, the month of spring's beginning, than to share it with so many friendly and familiar faces all trying to do just a little bit to help those less fortunate around us.
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  1. I think I was there when that happened. Glad she got a new bowl! What an awesome event, I was sad to miss it this year. Looking forward to next though!

  2. what a beautiful way to remember those without.
    so happy she got a new bowl. : )



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