Friday, March 19, 2010

Dear Diary...

Dear Diary,

A friend recently told me that blogging is vulnerable, that it is like a window into your soul.  I had never really thought about it this way, and it was quite a revelation to me.  I write to chronicle my experiences and clear my mind.  I write to keep friends and family up with the direction of our lives and the radiance beaming from our kids as they grow and develop. 

What I've learned is, that writing gives me the outlet for my creativity.  I decided early on that I want to take the perfect photo to go along with whatever my pondering.  So as a bi-product, I'm learning to search out the interesting and beautiful picture too.   I wouldn't say that my life is an open book, but I'm honest and don't have anything to hide, so here I am.  My dear diary, though I haven't written in you since I was a child, I've learned blogging is my sanctuary. 

This window into my soul, is my diary. 

Love Always,

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