Wednesday, March 3, 2010


 Look The Maples Are Beginning To Get Blooms!

Today was a day full of forward progression.  We had lunch with friends planning this year's garden.  Tallying last years totals and brainstorming what and how much to plant this year. We need to accomodate ourselves and to begin to supply farm baskets for our small group of guinea pigs good friends who have eagerly agreed to participate.  Planning like this really gets the adreneline flowing and we're eager to start.  B is planning on spending his weekend constructing cold frames.  Why this weekend?  Because once done, our cold weather crops are going in!  Yes, we're going to get this party started, even if we do live in the great white North!  Optimism, always!

Today was also chick order day.  So I ordered 15.  Yes, you heard me 15, well 12, three of them are for some friends that are planning to keep them as contraband in town; while many are trying to change the no chicken ordinances.  I guess the up side to still owning the house in town, is I can participate in emailing aldermen to voice my support of backyard chickens.  So come the 31st of this month we will once again have a big basement box for 5 Partridge Rock chickens and 7 more Araucanas.  We've had some challenges in our learning to raise chickens.  And now that I've ordered bulk and B has completed an iron clad chicken tractor, along with the barn area we've made, I'm certain that come fall we'll have eggs to supply all who want them :)

Today I picked up pieces for 4 scarecrow costumes for Charlies first grade musical.  I'm to sew the pants for the costumes to start.  I have officially taken the sewing skydive, and I hope I get my chute open before I hit the ground.  I've been proud of my progress in making aprons and owls.  Now it's time to learn and on a deadline, with 24 total costumes to be completed (12 of them very involved dresses) by 5 ladies, of which this novice is one.  Ask me in May, I may no longer be a novice

What did you commit today??
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  1. So exciting!
    It's going to be a great summer.

  2. Woo Hoo! Garden time again! This year I am mounting an attack on the mosquitoes.

    Excited about our new crop ventures. Eggplant! I'll make you a believer :)




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