Monday, March 15, 2010

Bird Watching

Well hello Mr. Robin!  Or should I say Mrs. Robin?  I sighted the first pair of robins on Friday dancing and dodging across a corn field.  So I readied my camera and watched all weekend and not a single one here on the farm.  After lunch today as we pulled in at work I saw this, quite plump specimen, sitting in the tree and a cardinal right behind her.  Now the cardinal didn't see fit to hold still and pose, but I grabbed my little purse camera and snapped a few pictures of this one preening.  Now, I know she's not the most beautiful example.  What struck me was the bright yellow beak!  Maybe I'm suffering from winter induce photo-sensitivity, but I don't recall them typically having quite so iridescent a beak and maybe a little more svelte than this.  So, since the male species tend to get all the beauty, in the bird realm that is, I'm guessing this little lady enjoyed her bath and went on to enjoy the early spring sunshine.


  1. Beeeeeeautiful!

  2. So happy to see this! Saw our first one in Janesville last week too. YAY! Pretty picture :)



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