Sunday, March 14, 2010


 Iron Chef crown awarded last night
This weekend has been truly a blur.  Our hours have been filled with activities and farm tasks.  We began Friday night by making it to the finals out of 8 teams in a dodge ball tournament hosted by Young Professionals of Racine.  A really fun evening, though  my throwing arm seems to be feeling it more now, two day's later. And here I'd thought I'd lucked out!  Yesterday evening we participated in an Iron Chef competition with a group of friends.  The secret ingredient was released to us Thursday night and cranberries were our challenge.  We had some amazing food prepared by equally amazing friends and it was a blast.  I'm pleased to announce that our dish, which B did completely on his own while I sewed pot holders for the participants, won the overall prize!

I woke up yesterday morning to a light but steady rain.  My first cognitive thought as I got ready to pour my coffee, was... all of the snow is gone!   This afternoon we've had some sun break through and I swear to you I'm sitting here now, watching the grass turn greener by the minute.  It's a windy day and we've been back and forth to the barn to finish the cold frames, do some yard clean up, and glimpse little bulbs and starts pushing their way through the damp warming ground.  I've seen my first robin and tho' I couldn't get a picture of it, I know spring is here.  The chickens were pacing the coop, frantically, hardly able to contain themselves with the sight of so much grass again, so we let them stretch their wings a bit in the yard while we were outside.  They were so happy to be hunting and pecking!  They even clucked their way into the barn to watch us paint the cold frames. 

It's been breathlessly busy, yet relaxing to feel all of the awakenings around us.  I can feel the change when I breath in the air outside, and with the springing  forward this morning, I am so looking forward to being able to enjoy longer days.

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