Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day

Today is a snow day.  It is first one that I've ever been able to experience with my kids.  In the past they have gone to a friends house while we are at work.  We did all trudge into work this morning, the kids happily worked on school projects and played with the 'work friends' while I got my work done.  (Even in Wisconsin there were very few people out and heading to the Vet this morning).  This afternoon has been all ours!  

As I'm sipping on my hot cocoa, I can barely see where B plowed at lunch time.  We've got about 7 inches now and that's expected to double by tomorrow morning.  The kids have played with wild abandon barely able to see one another, I've made fresh bread, Sidney made a beautiful gingerbread angel for her mama, we've played a little Wii, and now we're sitting, doing our own thing, sipping, and enjoying a beautiful snow day!

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