Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I see an addiction coming on...

One of the items I've been thinking about, I sketched him today and then started to play with scraps, the roosters below are the shell to a microwavable heating pad I'm making too.

Let me pre-position this for you. Last month was the first month of our commitment to wants versus needs spending. I was thrilled to see how well we did too! We spent right about $200 in total on things like dining out, coffee, non-grocery items, entertainment and $78 of that was a bike computer on sale that Brian needed. It was remarkably painless too.

In the spirit of learning a new craft to gift with and maybe sell or barter with, I've jumped with both feet into sewing as well. I find it surprisingly relaxing, for how frustrating portions of this learning process have been, and I've brainstormed all kinds of ideas for things I want to make. My biggest barrier is finding cool fabrics. Well that is to say it was, until yesterday....

Thanks to a blogging universe friend, I was introduced to a fantastic etsy store full of amazing fabric sets. OHH so many pretty colors, and patterns, complete eye candy, and I was overwhelmed with the possibilities. My mind and shopping cart were racing against some imaginary time clock, which may have been my spending conscience. Well let's say the little devil prevailed and I spent half of our entire discretionary spending of last month on beautiful fabrics that will spur my creative juices forward into this, the month of love.


  1. LOVE the owl! so cute. what site is it? You would like Repro Depot too.


  2. i have another fabric idea for you...one that fits the budget and the lifestyle and the sensibility a bit better (tho' fabricworm is awesomeness and i see nothing wrong in buying new fabrics--our grandmothers did it whenever they could). check out this flickr pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/denbow/4311752331/

    she's found sheets in second hand stores and flea markets - lots of gorgeous fabrics!!

    and i see your flickr badge--why aren't you playing along with our 365 adventure! come and join us!!

    /julie (aka the enabler). :-)

  3. K, Thanks, I know your partial to owls :) The site, Julie mentions below (fabricworm on etsy; completely awesome!

    Julie, Thanks I love the sheet idea and recyclable too! Yes you are an enabler but that's a-ok, check out the 365 project, I just sent you a message there ;)



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