Sunday, February 7, 2010

Around The World

Back in January (it already feels like a long time ago doesn't it? Time seems to be flying at record speed) I sent out a dinner party idea to some friends. We've done an annual round robin for years, but it's gotten a little bit more difficult for us to host since we don't live in the neighborhood anymore. So, I invited everyone to bring a dish reflecting some aspect of their heritage and a complimenting drink, aka lots of wine!

What that produced was an evening of gastronomical delights and great friends. We began with an amazing Swiss fondue, provided by Simply Spent, that we bathed bread chunks, apples and celery in, and truly could have been a meal onto itself. We contributed Jaeger Schnitzel over mashed German butter potatoes (from the garden), which was accompanied by a Polish/Middle Eastern combination of a stuffed cabbage roll that was to die for, thanks Krystyna! At this point we needed to take a digestion break before we started dessert, Jackie brought two! A fantastic Scandinavian almond cake and a Swedish cheese cake.

All in all a great evening and amazingly, virtually no left overs! We successfully ate our way around the world! How was your Saturday night?

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