Sunday, January 17, 2010

What Kind Of Reader Are You?

I relish the story and wouldn't think of skipping ahead to find out what happens. I believe my mom has been known to peak ahead! Sidney recently read Black Beauty and loved it, so I bought her a few more classics that I'm eager for her to read. One of which is Anne of Green Gables. One of my favorites. When I was young my family took a trip to Prince Edward Island to see Green Gables. My mom and I loved the mini-series with Megan Follows and I rented it from netflix, to whet Sidney's appetite for the story. We began to watch it Friday night, and she loves it! She's as taken by the language as I am.

We sat down for our second installment yesterday morning and she said (please avert your eyes if you don't know the story, I'm about to reveal a plot point) "You didn't tell me Matthew dies!" I asked her how she knew this, and she said when she went upstairs Friday night she read the last chapter of the book so she could find out what happened. No, No, No! I wonder if there is some heredity at work here? hmmm grandma?? I found myself pleading with Sid not to get into this bad habit. There is so much to enjoy in a story, don't spoil it by knowing the ending first. I think she's skeptical. Time will tell.

This week was also the week that Charlie decided that seeing things "shiny" was better than seeing things "dusty", so he began to wear his glasses full time. We also found that a little bit of inspiration has him eagerly reading at bed time, on his own. We're off to the library today to let him pick his next reading adventure. This will be a mother/son trip, because Sidney got a wealth of new reading material for Christmas, which she will hopefully read in the correct direction!

So, what kind of reader are you?


  1. I would never think to read ahead in a book, but I've been know to fast forward with the DVR to get to the end of Desperate Housewives. The wonders of technology! - Daniela

  2. I remember sobbing when Matthew died. Anne of Green Gables was the first book to ever affect me like that. I wanted my name to be Cordelia after reading that book or at least Anne (with an E). Since I couldn't have that name I made it my daughter's middle name.

    Maybe having read the end first it won't hurt so much when that part happens. On the other hand will it really become a part of her soul if she didn't "live" the book... I don't know.



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