Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Taking a Challenge to Heart

We've determined to join some friends, both near and far, in a commitment to really reel in spending in 2010 and determine what are wants versus needs. This thought process dovetails beautifully with our increasingly self-efficient lifestyle and would be good for us in our current heavy house predicament. In addition, we can use this experience to teach the kids the value of money.

Since January 1st, Brian has wanted me to put a Flo-chart of our spending in the kitchen (the non-essential kind, which as seen at Simply Spent has it's own set of rules). I've balked at this idea, because Jeez, That is what quickbooks is for, saving us paper and ledgers.

Today we went to the office supply store to buy a pencil sharpener. I've resisted. I've bought cheap ones in the past and they all break within a month. I was aggravated when at my folks in November. The electric pencil sharpener they bought when I was in 8th grade is STILL going strong! This morning while finishing homework and using a knife to whittle at the dull and broken pencils, I'd had enough!!! So, I bit the bullet! We are now the proud owners of a $38 pencil sharpener and it has been added to the newly put up non-essential expense calender in the kitchen for tracking said expenses.

Moral of the story, I know that my laid back husband is serious about a project when he goes all type 'A' on me, and is asking me, the queen of organization, to chart the project and hang it on the board!!


  1. I like the idea of charting non-essential expenses in such a heavy-traffic visual space! Great idea!! If I had any, which I will not, I would do it. Maybe an idea for next year when I can buy such things again.

  2. It's in a good place for all to see. So far all we've got on it is the pencil sharpener, Brian's haircut, and what we spent for the breakfast after sledding. We've discussed everything on the list, but to me the pencil sharpener was a need, one for the preservation of mom's homework sainity. Then the question becomes buy one for $2 or $10 if you know they'll break? Through good money after bad? Or invest in one that you won't have to replace? We're still trying to figure out the rules :) Maybe just way over-thinking this! LOL

  3. I'm a fan of buy cheap if possible but quality is important too. I'd go for the one that would be with you for a while, even if it meant spending more.

    You could totally cut Brian's hair, and Charlie's for that matter. I could get you started if you have any interest. You'd recoup the cost of the scissors and clippers in no time.



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