Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sew Crazy

Let me make myself perfectly clear, I was only moments from chucking this machine across the room! Evening one of teach myself to sew complete and I survived....barely.

A little background. I've had one lesson from a friend a year ago, and we got my machine up and running and bobbin threaded through. I've used it several times very satisfyingly on anything that I could sew with the white thread that we loaded it with. It is with this white thread I was going to begin an attempt in earnest at proficiency.

Step one: the whole damn thing came apart and I had to start at square one with the supplied cryptic instructions (thanks Brother)! Step two: struggling, scrambling, cursing at the lower bobbin for the illusive loop to make an appearance (thanks to Brian for finally getting it). Step three: for criminy sake, remember to put the foot down when you've accomplished getting all above threaded, and begin to sew. Step four: give yourself a wide berth for error. Attempt something much larger than this cute (or should I say supposed be cute) project. Step five, survive it, have a glass of wine, bask in your accomplishment and prepare a list of future projects.

I am much embarrassed by the above bird which will take up residence on the machine as a reminder of my humble beginnings. But now you can all hold me to my commitment, track my progress, and know that there's no place to go but up!
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  1. I have my first lesson on Monday night since our night with Shannon. I will share anything I learn with you if you want!

  2. Love it! You have to start somewhere : ) It gets easier.

  3. Thanks guys! K- I'm sure that I"ll be leaching info from you. S- glad I started, and counting on it getting easier ;)

  4. i want to learn how to sew, so badly.
    you will do a fabulous job!



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