Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Restless Brain

Some people have restless leg syndrome, I have restless brain syndrome.

I guess I always choose to start new projects when I have a hundred other things to do, as a way to prepare myself for the larger ones. De-clutter the brain while I'm working out how to best approach the next task. When I was in school, I always worked best when I was under a deadline. The only deadlines I have for these homey creative tasks are self-imposed but necessary.

I have a favorite magazine that I read cover to cover and hold onto every issue to use for future reference. Well, it has now become a leaning tower on my bookshelf, I can't fit any more, I struggle to put my hands on the reference I need, and honestly it just looks pack-ratty ugly!

So this evening I'm going to begin extracting the articles I need and put them in a great binder that I found when we were organizing the basement yesterday. I obviously have had this thought before, because this little gem is labeled "Mom's Craft and Project Idea Book." It was like a gift finding this book that I had started and was full of ideas.

So now I can add to the pretty colored tabs things like bread making, garden & chicken tips, and energy efficiency. Ohhhh look at all the pretty colors of the dividers! I'm not type A at all! HA! At least I'm a laid back A, who just needs to organize her creative juices before putting them into action. And this time, the idea book will be within arms reach and not hidden in the basement to find 3 years from now :)

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  1. honestly sweetheart,
    you had me with that first sentence! lol



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