Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Frost

Only one other time in my life have I witnessed a hoary frost. Both times I was struck by the beauty and peace of the encapsulated landscape.

This has been a week full of emotion. Watching the heart-wrenching scenes from Haiti gave pause to be truly grateful for what we have (you can text 90999 to subject line Haiti and have $10 added to your cell phone bill next month, benefits the American Red Cross International Relief, every small amount helps). Coming to the realization that just successfully navigating this recession in 2008/2009 wasn't going to be enough, sucked the wind out of my sails. At the same time it ignited my survivor skills and opened up new veins of creativity.

There is nothing more life affirming than looking out the window in the morning and glimpsing such beauty to begin your day. Happy Sunday!

1 comment:

  1. Amazing pics! Would you share the first one in a full file so I can print and frame? Beautiful.

    I think our survival this year will make us stronger than we were before - and much better for it.



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