Monday, January 4, 2010

Finding Value

I'm sitting on the couch post Sidney's riding lesson, her dad and brother are at wrestling, and we're watching a new show that Sidney has just fallen in love with.

Sid got a net book for Christmas, no it's not an apple, but it will do for an 8 year old who loves to research and thinks google is the bomb! (yes, I've got parental controls). She also got a great gift from Santa, really a gift for the whole family. Season one of the Walton's. Since it was settling down time last night, and I was watching the Return of the King (not entirely kid friendly), she googled it, and then watched the next episode on the Internet.

How did Santa know that her dad's and my favorite past time, in the prime time viewing age before Sid was born, before the news and world took over our nightly viewing, was the one and only Walton's.

We love this show, and now our daughter has developed a passion for it and it's lessons. Call me a sap, but this simpler life is in part an inspiration for what we do. Where love and respect for family, and all of the blessings that we can get from what is right in front of us take precedence. In the time of iCarly, Hannah Montana, and the Suite Life, I am thankful that my family can balance the new with our old-fashioned values and reconcile the two.

Goodnight Mama, goodnight Daddy, goodnight Sidney, goodnight Charlie. Who are you saying goodnight to tonight?

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  1. Great post! I loved the Waltons - my mom and I would always watch it together. good tv.

    makes me nostalgic for a simpler time that I will never know. Many days I wish we could turn the clock back a bit....


  2. i always loved the baldwin sisters (that is their name, isn't it?), they seemed like the kind of scrappy old ladies i'd like to be when i grow up.

    love that Sidney's taking riding lessons...i don't really know how that works in the US. do you have a horse yourselves or does she use a lesson horse at a stable?

  3. Yes! The Baldwin Sisters, hmmm maybe we should learn to make the recipe?

    Sid's riding a friends horse that is stabled at the local pony club. We've been very fortunate and it's been a great way to introduce her to riding. It sound's like Sabin is becoming very proficient. Very cool!



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