Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Changing Rooms

I love our dining room. In fact, the biggest furniture investment we've made is a beautiful Stickley dining room table and chairs. I love to entertain. But formal entertaining, you know the kind where you fret over place settings and enjoy a lovely meal in that special room, only comes around every other month or so.

Our wonderful old farmhouse is a very functional space. The downstairs is perfect for the family (and friends). It's where we spend our time and whether we're all doing the same thing or not, there's a sense of camaraderie just because of our proximity to one another. Over Christmas, I began working a puzzle or two with the kids on the dining room table. It's central and a great space to spread out, and worked perfectly.

As I've mentioned before, I have so many creative ideas I want to attempt with my sewing machine, I just need to gain confidence on it and start already! Well, I've procrastinated and procrastinated and realized something. Being upstairs, isolated in the cold back hallway room and situated at my hope chest as a work space isn't conducive of actually getting anything done.

So this morning, I moved the sewing machine downstairs and placed it smack dab at the head of the dining room table. It's easy enough to move when we entertain. Now it's in the epicenter of my home. Somewhere that I can create, share how to's with the kids and still be involved with all of the happenings. It's not too much of a leap to use the dining room as a sort of surrogate craft area. A portion of the built in buffet has been used for kid craft supply storage since we moved in.

Have you switched up any rooms lately?

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  1. Ha, Ha, Ha! Have I switched up rooms lately? My kids can't remember which room they are suppose to sleep in half the time. I'm always doing that. By the time I've figured out the perfect configuration to our space, it will be time to move again.

    Love it. definitely a better area for you.



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